Grounded in designing with thingly uncertainty,format_align_left the things here are inquisitive plays on the prolific, but often suble, role of "AI" technologies in everyday imaging scenarios, such as smartphone photography. They bring about entoptic phenomena of a new kind; not physiological but coming from the material interplay of components (e.g., data, models).
Prototype 1 — Entoptic Field Camera format_align_left
The Entoptic Field Camera deploys a generative AI model to synthesize patterns found in input images taken by its users. It makes explicit what is already at work in contemporary smartphone photography.
Prototype 2 — Entoptic Field Monitorinfo_outline
The Entoptic Field Monitor is a post-GDPR surveillance application that continuously generates synthetic images outputs. There is little to no apparent resemblance between input and output, and input images fade from the cache. The simple material connection of pixels to pixels remains---yet the line that's being crossed here may lie elsewhere.